Our History

Mike Richter and Ron Gonen are the Co-Founders and Managing Directors of Healthy Planet Partners.  They graduated from the same high school in Philadelphia, Germantown Academy, where Mike was the goalie on the ice hockey team and Ron was part of the school’s national powerhouse swim program. Mike went on to become an NHL All-Star and Olympian during a 15-year career as the starting goalie for the NY Rangers and continues to utilize his stature in athletics to promote awareness of our environment. Ron, after a collegiate career playing Water Polo where he led his team to the N.C.A.A. Final Four, focused on launching companies that solve environmental problems.

In 2010, Mike and Ron were two of twenty environmental leaders from around the world who were recipients of the Aspen Institute’s Catto Fellowship, which rewards outstanding environmental policy work and leadership.  In 2011, Mike and Ron decided to harness their friendship, love of sports and the environment, collective experiences, networks, and interests in business and the environment, to launch Healthy Planet Partners.

The idea for HPP grew from the understanding that many of our environmental problems can be solved only by harnessing the largest man-made force on earth: the free-market. Today, increased consumption, depletion of natural resources, and accumulation of pollution have created a massive and growing demand for ecologically sensitive solutions. The built environment in particular represents one of the largest problems-and opportunity of our time. Powering the buildings, homes, and factories in the United States creates approximately two-thirds of our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions and dangerous levels of health depleting particulate matter and air pollution. The antiquated centralized grid model is expensive, unreliable, and enormously inefficient.

The good news is that the technologies needed to replace yesterday’s model, solutions that are cleaner, more reliable, and cheaper to use, are available today. The single hurdle to moving forward is the up front capital costs. Healthy Planet Partners exists to fill this need. We specialize in project finance and apply the proven model of energy as a service-primarily used for distributed generation of solar-to include all forms of DG, Energy Efficiency and Procurement for a complimentary, total clean energy solution. Our pool of capital is designed to finance the retrofit of existing building with off the shelf renewable technologies to replace a utility model that no longer works for the realities of our modern world. We aim to become the new paradigm of an energy utility- clean, efficient, cost effective, and fair. Clean energy as a service that is holistic and high performing creates important economic and ecologic benefits. Our unique Distributed Clean Utility solution that shrinks demand, generates on-site, and brokers the remainder, enables our clients to realize HEALTHY PROFITS while ensuring a HEALTHY PLANET.